“Dr. Shea and the entire staff is wonderful. They are very thorough when explaining what the issue is or what needs to be done about it. It is obvious that they truly care about cats and you know your animal is in good hands with them.”
-Kent H., Facebook

“I’m gonna travel with my cat and they helped me a lot with all the process of getting vaccines and international health certificate. I loved how they care about the kitties, my cat is really scare of people but they cared to do everything smooth for her and make her feel comfortable. I definitely recommend this place.”
-Camila M., Google

“Everyone here was very, very friendly to both me and my cat.  They also were very educational and taught me a lot of great information, but most importantly, they got my girl feeling good in no time.  Highly recommend.”
-Becky G., Yelp

“The staff and Dr couldn’t have been any nicer! They showed care and concern and put me in touch with the wonderful people at Best Friends They in turn helped by taking care of shots and spaying for a stray cat, who is now a member of our family! I have nothing but good things to say about the people that helped us! Thank you all!”
-Linda D., Facebook

“CatCare and Dr. Maddox (plus the vet assistant, and front desk staff) were so friendly! I could tell they truly care about the cats they see. I also appreciated the fact it is cats only – I feel even more confident in the care my cat received. Plus, there are no dogs barking / scaring your pet. I’ve been to great vets, but that had always been an issue. We will certainly bring out cats to CatCare when needed in the future”
-Marina B., Google

“I am long overdue in giving the most heartfelt praise to CatCare for the loving, compassionate, capable, and professional care they have bestowed upon every single one of my cats. Dr. Patricia Shea is golden, as are Dawn, Kat, and all the other kind people that fill that space with such a special energy. CatCare has helped me and my kitties to navigate the waters of conditions ranging from hyperthyroidism to diabetes to the big C, and on comprehensive palliative care as well. We recently had to say goodbye to one of our beloveds, and I was so touched by the respect, honor, thoughtfulness, consideration, and love shown to my cat and to me and my hubby. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful feline-specific veterinary clinic in our community. The absolute best of the best!”
-Rosemary W., Yelp

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“We love CatCare, Limited. They are so good to all of our furry kitty children. The staff and the vets are knowledgeable, believe in prevention and my children always receive the best and most up to date treatments. I also like that my furry children receive integrative medicine such as acupuncture and botanicals when appropriate not just Western Medicine interventions. The staff is compassionate, and go the extra mile for us!!” – Liz C., Facebook

“Absolutely the best cat vet in the area! She is very gentle, very thorough, and takes the time to explain what’s going on with your cat. Great staff as well.” -Aine O., Google

“We have been taking our cat here for two years. The staff are professional, polite and foster a safe environment (which is great if your animal is scared/apprehensive about the visit). I have interacted with two doctors at the office, both of which are very knowledgeable, gentle and have been practicing in the Eugene area for multiple decades. Prices for treatment and products are reasonable and affordable (including for students on a budget). The staff is accommodating when scheduling appointments and we have experienced nothing but great service.”
-Jacob B., Yelp

“I was traveling through Eugene and my cat got sick. Dr. Shea performed the most thorough exam I have seen. And with her wisdom, my cat was feeling better by the next day. I’m very happy to have found CatCare, being away from home, and our own vet.
Thanks again Dr, Shea!”
-Moe G., Facebook

“My cat had a serious injury that required a lot of attention and this place was great! Over the course of a few months they successfully healed my cat. They gave good advice and really helped me and my cat out. They knew what they were doing and were extremely helpful in the process. I would recommend this place to anyone who has a cat and needs veterinary care.”
-Luca A., Google

“Cat Care Limited is by far, the best veterinary clinic I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I recommended this clinic wholeheartedly. Kathryn and Laverne and Ann are excellent receptionists and appointment schedulers. They are all extremely kind and understanding and have bent over backwards to work with me. The vet techs are all extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally kind. Dr Shea is THE BEST cat vet in the entire area, hands down! I have only trusted HER with the care of my precious kitty, and she has been an amazing vet for my fur baby for many, many years. She is brilliant! So clear, honest, loving, incredibly intelligent, experienced and professional. I hold this clinic in the highest of esteem. If I were to procure another kitty, there is nowhere else that I would go other than this clinic. I can’t express how grateful I am for this place. They all are amazing. I give my full endorsement! 5 enthusiastic stars!!!!”
-T T., Yelp